Grace For Your Day September 4
September 4th, 2023
On the wall of my house hangs a framed page from the Geneva Bible which was published in 1560. The significance to it is that it was the first English Bible printed with study notes and it was largely...  Read More
Grace For Your Day August 28
August 28th, 2023
In last week’s sermon, we learned that there are three primary views on the separation of church and state that are as follows:1). Dominionism – the church and the state are one.2). Strict Separationi...  Read More
Grace For Your Day August 21
August 21st, 2023
Every year, the last Sunday in October is set aside as “Reformation Sunday.” It is a day when Protestant churches all across the world remember the five solas of the Reformation.Sola Scriptura (Script...  Read More
Grace For Your Day August 14
August 14th, 2023
According to The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, the term “benediction” is defined as “the utterance or bestowing of a blessing, especially at the end of a religious service.” It is a state...  Read More
Grace For Your Day August 7
August 7th, 2023
Hebrews 13:18-19 comes close to the end of the Book of Hebrews which is a book that we have been studying for a year and a half as a church. We began looking at it on February 6, 2022 which makes thes...  Read More
Grace For Your Day July 31
July 31st, 2023
The opening part of our Vision Statement says:Our vision is to proclaim "grace upon grace" to Chilliwack, British Columbia and to the ends of the earth. John 1:16-17 says, “For of His fullness we have...  Read More
Grace For Your Day July 24
July 24th, 2023
In his commentary on the Book of Hebrews, A. W. Pink writes:Hebrews 13:13 has ever been a great favorite with those who have started “Come out” movements. It has been used, or rather misused, again an...  Read More
Grace For Your Day July 18
July 18th, 2023
In one of his books, John Stott writes that:The very first thing which needs to be said about Christian ministers of all kinds is that they are "under" people as their servants rather than "over" them...  Read More
Grace For Your Day July 10
July 10th, 2023
All throughout history, Christians have been known for being a very compassionate people. For example, one historian named Alvin Schmidt points out that the spread of Christianity stopped / slowed dow...  Read More
Grace For Your Day July 5
July 5th, 2023
God is Love: Children of God Love One AnotherJohn is called the Apostle of Love. He was an eyewitness of Jesus. John walked and talked with Jesus, he watched Jesus heal many and teach others. John wat...  Read More
Grace For Your Day June 20
June 20th, 2023
The fruit of pursuit: the pursuit of God and the fruit it produces.Wisdom.The calm, unhurried application of knowledge.We know it when we see it or hear it, but sometimes it can be elusive in our own ...  Read More
Grace For Your Day June 12, 2023
June 12th, 2023
The Bible has a lot to say about the importance of listening to God. For example, consider the following passages:Deuteronomy 6:4 says:Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.Proverbs 8:33 s...  Read More