Conferences and Camps

Seasons of Sorrow - Conference 2024

Tim Challies is a notable blogger, author, and elder at his church Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto. He spoke at our Spring Conference 2024 based on his book, Seasons of Sorrow: the Pain of Loss and the Comfort of God.

Principles for a Healthy Church - Conference 2023

Dr. Carl Hargrove was involved in the church planting process here at Grace through the Grace Advance Ministry. He came to Chilliwack for the weekend to speak on Church Unity from 1 Thessalonians 5:14-15. 

Living a Transformed Life - Women's Conference 2022

Martha Peace was our virtual speaker for the event. She has written a book called Attitudes of a Transformed Heart and she spokke to us about some key things that will change as we follow Christ. Our view of God will change, our view of ourselves and mankind will change, as well as some attitudes in our own heart. 

The Attributes of God - Men's Conference 2021

Dr. Mark Jones talks to us on the fullness and unity of God's attributes in a scholarly, yet easy to understand way. Watch all three of his sessions here.

Foundations for a Godly Family with Dr. John Street 2019

The Bible says that marriage was God’s intention from the very beginning (Genesis 2:24) and that it is good (Proverbs 18:22) and a blessing and a cause for rejoicing (Proverbs 5:18-19). In short, the Bible says that the family is a priority. It takes precedence over all else in our society, which is what the 2019 “Foundations of a Godly Family Conference” is all about. 

Family Camp 2019

Pastor Richard Caldwell from Spring, Texas preaches a series on worship, and does a Q & A with his wife to apply the topic to real life scenarios. 

Youth Camp 2019

Pastors David Corrente and Jeremy Cagle preach on the attributes of God at "Exalt" Youth Camp 2019. This series delves into knowing the eternal, true, righteous, holy, gracious and loving God through Jesus Christ His Son. 

Man of God Men's Conference 2018

The man of God is to be a leader. He is to lead in his home and in the church. He is to lead by example and by his words and deeds. The 2018 Man of God Conference is all about learning how men can Biblically practice this. 

Family Camp 2018 

Pastor Carl Hargrove from Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California conducts a series on prayer and evangelism from Colossians 4. In a Q&A session, Carl and Joanna answer questions on the family. 

Youth Camp 2018 

Pastors David Corrente and Jeremy Cagle preach on the Lordship of Christ at "Exalt" Youth Camp 2018. This series looks at Christ's Lordship over everything, what it means to submit to this personally, and how this is displayed in the relationship of the Father and the Son. 

Family Camp 2017 

Pastor Carl Hargrove from Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California conducts a series on the family. He and his wife, Joanna, cover topics such as marriage, prayer, purity and parenting. During this weekend, Pastor Jeremy Cagle also presents GFC's Vision Statement 2017.