Street Evangelism

Once a month we hit the streets to share the good news of the Gospel by handing out high quality, biblically sound and eye-catching tracts. These contacts often spawn deep conversations as the Holy Spirit convicts people of sin. The evangelists explain that our only eternal hope is through trusting the finished work of Christ on the cross, and His rising again in victory over sin and death. It is always surprising and encouraging that many people are willing to talk about these deep subjects of faith. Yes, even YOU can share the Gospel! Come, we'll provide the simple training and encouragement you need.

Canada Day outreach

Each Canada Day our outreach team assembles at Harrison Hot Springs to share the good news with the thousands of people that gather there as "good" Canadians. It's always interesting to hear from people how "good" they really are as we hold the mirror of Scripture up for them while admitting that we are all in desperate need for the Saviour's cleansing.

Christmas Caroling 

Just before Christmas, we join as one big family to celebrate the Saviour's birth in song as we tour door to door throughout the church neighbourhood. It's a great opportunity to reach out to share the joy of Christmas and let those around us know they are welcome at our church!
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