Saturday Evening Services

As you know, we are living in an unprecedented time when businesses, restaurants, churches, and sporting events are being asked to stay at home to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus. They have all been asked to social distance themselves and meet in groups of 10 people or less in the interest of public health. However, recently that number has risen from 10 people to 50 people as the threat of the virus seems to be declining.
In light of that, we want to take advantage of that as a church and begin meeting again. Hebrews 10:25 says not to forsake the assembly of the saints and we take that seriously as at Grace Fellowship Chilliwack. We do not want to be apart longer than is requested of us. However, since our congregation is larger than 50 people, we cannot all meet together at once. So, in order to comply with the government, we are inviting you to come to a Saturday night service. There will be music, a time of prayer, and a sermon from Pastor Jeremy. Since our whole church can't be there, the sermon will also be recorded for Sunday morning.
We only ask that you stay 6 feet apart from one another while you are with us and that you stay home if you are susceptible to the Coronavirus. We also ask that you would RSVP with the church office by Thursday. This way, we can make sure that the gathering is within the number and spacing capacity. We would like everyone to come but this is the best we can do at this time. You can RSVP by contacting the Office. We plan on doing this every week to allow as many people to participate as possible. If you are not able to meet this week due to space restrictions, we will make sure that you get on the list for next week.

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