Grace For Your Day June 20

The fruit of pursuit: the pursuit of God and the fruit it produces.


The calm, unhurried application of knowledge.

We know it when we see it or hear it, but sometimes it can be elusive in our own lives.

King Solomon was arguably the wisest man ever to have lived because God granted him a wise and discerning heart. As he came to the throne, he had recognized his immaturity and how he did “… not know how to go out or come in” 1 Kings 3:7.

Therefore he asked for the wisdom that he needed in order to discern good from evil. God was pleased with his request, and He granted him riches as well.

The book of Proverbs is a collection of some of that wisdom.

So … why is wisdom apparently so hard-to-find?

Proverbs chapter 2 helps us. Right out the gate Solomon tells us that we need to look hard for it. We need to apply ourselves to a pursuit of the word of God. Like most things in life that are precious, it doesn’t come naturally or easily. We need to value what we search for, there needs to be intentionality, and energy in the pursuit of wisdom.

But the Lord will grant it.

He will change our hearts, and reveal first the fear of the Lord, the knowledge of God and then produce within us a godly character. Along the way he will preserve us, guard our way, and equip us to manage evil and seduction as we navigate this world.

If you long for that calmness of wisdom, please come on Sunday as we explore Proverbs chapter 2 and talk about the pursuit of God, and the fruit it produces.

Quentin Smith