Grace for Your Day March 14

One of the major principles of the Protestant Reformation is Scriptura Scripturae interpres which means “Scripture interprets Scripture.” Since the Bible alone is our rule in all matters of faith and practice, the Reformers believed that the best way to interpret it is to see what the Bible says about its own contents through the use of cross references and parallel passages. The Roman Catholic Church said that it is the job of the Popes and Bishops to do that because they are the final authority for the church. The Reformers disagreed because they believed that the Bible is the ultimate authority which is something that the Apostles held to as well.

For example, the Apostle Paul often quoted from the Old Testament in his writings. In Romans 3:11, he quoted from Psalm 14:1 to say, “There is none righteous, not even one.” The reason he did that is to demonstrate that what he was saying was nothing new. The doctrine of man’s depravity was taught long ago by the authors of the Old Testament. He did the same thing again in Galatians 3:6 when he quoted from Genesis 15:6 in order to say, “Abraham believed God and it was reckoned to him as righteousness." The Apostle Peter did this as well in First Peter 3:12 when he quoted from Psalm 34:15-16 and the Apostle James did it in James 2:11 when he quoted from Exodus 20:13-14.

This is also something you find when you come to the Book of Hebrews because Hebrews 1:13 says:
But to which of the angels has He ever said,
“Sit at My right hand,
Until I make Your enemies
A footstool for Your feet?”

This is a powerful way to close the first chapter of this book because it is a quotation from Psalm 110 where it says that Jesus will triumph over everything. Not only is He greater than the prophets (Hebrews 1:1-2) and greater than the angels (verses 3-7) and greater than the nations (verses 8-9) and greater than the world (verses 10-13) but He is greater than all of it put together because He will make even His enemies bow down before His throne. He will turn them into a footstool.

This is probably why this Psalm is the most popular one in the Book of Hebrews because it is quoted 6 times (5:6; 7:17, 21; 8:1; 10:12-13). It is also considered to be one of the most popular Psalms in the New Testament as it is talked about in the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, Acts, Romans, Ephesians, and First Peter. Jesus even quotes it Himself in one of His famous debates with the Pharisees (Matthew 22:41-46) because it shows elements of His power that no other verse of the Bible does which is what we are going to talk about this week at Grace Fellowship Church.

This week, we are going to see how the Book of Hebrews uses the most popular Psalm in the New Testament. My prayer is that it will show you irrefutable proof that you do not only have a good Savior but you have a great one. He is not only able to rescue you from a little bit of sin but He is able to deliver you from a lot of it because He will one day triumph over His foes. Those who stand against Him now will not be able to do it forever because a time is coming when He will return to make them a footstool so you have nothing to fear. You should not be troubled when you see men do wicked things because Jesus will eventually put a stop to it once and for all.

Please join us this week as we talk about that. The service begins at 9:30. – Jeremy Cagle