Grace For Your Day November 27

 Colossians 1:1-7 - Christ Our Hope
As we begin the Christmas season this December the elders will be preaching on Colossians 1 – 2:7.  The purpose is for us to focus on who Christ is.
On one hand, at Christmas people are often hopeful and looking forward to good things and better days.  People often feel more generous, hopeful, loving, forgiving, and kind.  On the other hand, society is filled with unrest, rampant evil, wrong is declared as right, and there is an ongoing sense of hopelessness.  Who can change the world? Who can fix the world’s endless problems?  Who can we trust? What is the hope that Christ offers?
This week we will unpack the reality that Christ is our hope not only now at this Christmas season, but all year round!  He is our anchor amidst the storms of life and he offers all the hope that we need, not only for the salvation of our souls, but for the problems of the world.
I invite you to come and join us this Sunday and be blessed and encouraged as we look to Christ as our infinite hope!

-Kevin Laser