Grace For Your Day September 14

Grace For Your Day

Jesus often taught with parables and often it was about money, possessions, or treasure.  As a master teacher he told parables using daily experiences that were common to everyone.   He artfully communicated simple yet profound truths in short stories.   Although the parables hid the nugget of truth from the unbelieving because they did not want the truth, he patiently explained the parables to his disciples when they asked.  The parable that we’ll look at this week is that of The Unjust Steward in Luke 16.  
This parable can be challenging to understand because the main characters are not exactly upstanding in their actions.  Ironically, Jesus uses a dishonest yet shrewd business manager to show believers how they ought to use their money and possessions.  Jesus's words are convicting and remind us that God owns everything and that we are stewards of all that he has provided us. He has given us money and possessions for a reason and we are going to discover that reason as we dig into this passage.  I invite you to pre read Luke 16:1-15, meditate on it, and do some digging into it yourself this week.   See you on Sunday!
- Kevin Laser