Grace For Your Day November 30

Ephesians 5:22 may be one of the most controversial passages in the Bible. In a time of secular feminism and women’s liberation, it may be one of the most offensive texts in the Word of God because it says: "Wives, subject yourselves to your own husbands, as to the Lord."

Such a statement recalls images of the Dark Ages when women were made to stay at home and do laundry while their husbands beat them and drank. It brings to mind pictures of cavemen abusing their wives in the worst way imaginable and treating them like cattle. Frankly, it is a difficult verse to read. In fact, one author summarized the objections to this passage as follows.
 She put them in a series of quotations:

Women can do anything that men can do. They are not inferior to men so I have just as much a right to exert my will as he does. I have just as much a right to lead our home.

I deserve better than this. Marriage can have the same effect on women as slavery did and, if I do not resist it, we will certainly go back to that so I need to put up a fight. In fact, it is my duty to do so. It is my obligation.

Nobody is going to tell me what to do!

Nobody is going to put me in my place!

Nobody is going to boss me around!

Doesn’t this open things up to abuse? If a man does this, doesn’t it mean that he has total control over his wife? 

This is the 21st Century so how can anybody expect a woman to follow her husband just because he is her husband? Haven’t we moved past that? Haven’t we evolved?

While there are more objections that could be mentioned, the point is that this is a controversial passage today. It brings up a lot of questions and concerns. In fact, this is such a difficult subject that many churches avoid it altogether. They refuse to even acknowledge that Ephesians 5:22 is in the Bible. However, it is in the Bible. Like it or not, it is found in Scripture so we need to address it. We need to understand what it means and answer some of the objections to it which is what we are going to do this week at Grace Fellowship Church.

Since we are not currently meeting in person due to the COVID-19 restrictions, this week’s message will be recorded on Saturday night and placed on our You Tube Channel by Sunday morning for you to see. We hope it will be an encouragement to you during these strange times. We know that many of you are home right now. You are stuck indoors which means that you are spending a lot of time with your family. You are spending a lot of time with your husband or your wife so we want to help you with that. We want to encourage you to follow God’s commands in Scripture so you can be the family that God has called you to be.

Remember that God loves the family. He created it. It was His idea from the beginning and He wants your family to succeed. He made a way for that to happen through Jesus’ death on the cross and please join us as we talk about that this week at GFC.

- Jeremy Cagle