Grace For Your Day December 7, 2020

The Christmas season is upon us, and I keep thinking how did that happen?

We are taking a break this week from our amazing series through Ephesians (thank you Pastor Jeremy) to start a series of three sermons looking consecutively at the angels, the shepherds, and then the wise men. We don’t usually talk much about angels, but we will this week. We will be in Luke 2 and we will try and think like angels … put ourselves in their position and imagine what it would have been like.

I want us to peek into their perspective on that night when they visited some shepherds. Who are angels? What do they do? What was this good news of great joy? What can we learn from their response?

I hope you’ll join us online as we share some thoughts about the night the Saviour was born.
The sermon will be recorded and posted on our website and YouTube channel for you to hear.

Quentin Smith