Grace for Your Day February 22

In his Commentary on Ephesians, Martyn Lloyd-Jones writes:
[As you read Ephesians 5], you would have thought that there could be nothing more exalted than that 27th verse where we are given a glimpse of what is awaiting us as the Bride of Christ, as members of the Christian church. But the doctrine goes even further; there is still something more wonderful, and almost incredible; and that is the extraordinary doctrine of the mystical union between Christ and the church.

The Apostle’s argument is that we do not truly understand what marriage means until we understand this doctrine of the mystical union of Christ and the church. We shall find that each of the doctrines helps to throw light upon the other. The mystical union between Christ and the church helps us to understand the union between husband and wife, and the union between husband and wife in turn sheds a certain amount of light on the mystical union between Christ and the church.

That is the wonderful thing about this whole statement. Human analogy and illustration help us to understand divine truth . . .

We are all no doubt comforted by what the Apostle says in verse 32, “This is a great mystery.” It is indeed a great mystery. Therefore, we must approach it with care, and we must also approach it very prayerfully . . .

When Paul calls it a mystery, Paul means that it is a very profound matter; a matter which will call upon all your resources to understand . . . We must not say “Ah, this is too difficult,’ and rush on to something else. You will never understand your own marriage unless you try to understand this. It was written in order to help you understand what the family is all about.
Martyn Lloyd Jones is right. As Paul is finishing up Ephesians 5, he says that a husband should love his wife as Christ loves the church. He should care for her with the same tenderness, concern, and affection that Jesus has for us. However, you cannot understand what that means if you do not understand how Christ loves the church. You cannot understand what our relationship with each other is supposed to look like if you do not understand what His relationship looks like with us. It is a mystery. It is a very deep thing but it is well worth our time to study it which is what we are going to do this week at Grace Fellowship Church.

This week, we are going to talk about Christ’s love for the church. We are going to talk about how much He loves us so that we can understand how to love each other in marriage. We are going to study it so we can apply it to our lives and work on changing our homes. His love truly is the greatest love in all the world. It is the highest that any of us can fathom so we want to explore it in detail so we can take some of it home.

The sermon will be recorded on Saturday night and posted on our You Tube Channel on Sunday morning. Please join us as we study this wonderful and encouraging doctrine. You will be so glad that you did. – Jeremy Cagle