Grace for Your Day March 16


When was the last time you were tempted to sin? Just a few minutes ago? Maybe an hour ago? This morning? Last night? Did you see it as temptation? What did you do? Did you ignore it? How did you respond to it?

This Sunday we are going to study Jesus when he was led by the Spirit into the desert to fast and be tempted by Satan. Although Jesus was God from heaven, he set aside many of his divine attributes while living among us and he experienced the full extent of temptation, far beyond what you and I can even imagine! Satan tempted him from many angles and used all sorts of strategies to tempt Jesus to disobey. Jesus demonstrated how we are to walk by the Spirit and use God’s Word to resist temptation.

I invite you to listen to the sermon on YouTube this week as we look at the topic of temptation and how we should follow Jesus’s example. The passage we are studying is Matthew 4:-11.

See you Sunday!
Kevin Laser