Grace for Your Day July 19

In December of 2010, the Globe and Mail Website wrote an article that said:
"Before 1971, less than one percent of Canadians ticked the "no religion" box on national surveys. Two generations later, nearly a quarter of the population, or twenty-two percent, say they aren’t religious . . . What we have seen is a huge change in the last forty years, in Canada, a march toward secularization that mirrors what has happened in Europe . . .
A look at the youngest Canadians suggests that the transformation is gathering pace. In 2002, thirty-four percent of fifteen to twenty-nine year olds said that religion was highly important to them. Data from Canada’s 2009 General Social Survey shows that number tumbling to twenty-two percent...Only the persistence of religious traditions among immigrants has slowed the rapid march away from the church..."
While that article is several years old now, everyone would say that its findings still hold true today because Canada is becoming a secular country. As time goes on, it is becoming less and les religious for several reasons one of which is the failure of the modern church. The nation is abandoning its Christian roots because people claim that it is no longer relevant today. The church has caused too many problems in our society which is nothing new in history. It has caused people problems before.

Take the church in Corinth for example. If you read Paul’s letter to them in the New Testament, you will see that it was full of problems because the people there slandered and mocked and ridiculed Paul. They fought and argued and quarreled with him to the point that they made him pull his hair out. He had to cry out to the Lord for mercy or take the church in Galatia.

It did the same thing because it followed “a different Gospel” (1:6). It believed lies instead of the truth. The same thing occurred at the church in Colossae because they were being taken “captive through philosophy and empty deception” (2:8). They were following the teachings of pagans because all of these churches caused Paul trouble. They all caused him his share of heartache yet he never gave up on them. Paul stayed faithful to the ministry the Lord had called them to and we should do the same thing today.

While there is a great temptation to leave the church today, the Bible says that we cannot do that. It teaches us that we should stay faithful to it which is what we are going to talk about this week at Grace Fellowship Church. This Sunday, we are going to talk about 7 reasons why the church is still necessary. They are as follows.

The church is still necessary because:
• You are a member of the church whether you realize it or not
• You should not go through the Christian life alone
• Jesus came to save a multitude, not just you
• Ministry happens in the church and you want to be part of that
• You cannot obey the Bible without it
• Every major movement of God started with the church
• The church is still here which means that God has a plan for it and you need to see what it is

The sermon will be preached at our 8:30 and 10:15 services. It will also be available Sunday morning on our You Tube Channel and website for all who cannot be with us in person. Please join us as we take a look at this most important topic. Join us as we learn about why the church is still necessary today. If your faith is wavering on it because you have had a bad experience with the church, I understand and sympathize with the struggle. I also want you to know that this sermon will be preached for you. So please do not miss it! – Jeremy Cagle