Grace for Your Day June 27

As we come to the end of our 3 part mini-series, we have recognized that the book of Job is actually a treasure trove of lessons for life!

When we think about it, that is actually the point. He suffered greatly, but the purpose of trials was, and is, that we learn. We would never sign on for the trial if it was up to us, but God deems it necessary sometimes for us to grow. To learn some hard lessons.

When we can trust that there is a deeper reason for the trial, we now start truly living as a Christian: trusting His sovereignty, giving thanks in all circumstances, asking ourselves "What am I learning? What is He teaching me through this?" And then bringing glory to God by how we accept and navigate the trial.

This heart perspective is key to how a Christian suffers well.

This week we will learn lessons 6-9.

Firstly, that it’s possible to have right theology and a wrong response. Ouch! That cuts deep to a church that prides itself on correct doctrine. Defending truth is important, how it’s done is too.

Lesson 7 will expose that what we say is important and will affect how we are perceived. We may be shocked to hear what others heard us say. Job came across as proud: it was never his intention. He was misrepresented by his friends, even falsely accused. Ever been there?

Lesson 8 will remind us that God is not accountable to us. He has an intimate relationship with us as a Father, but the truth is He doesn’t have to explain to His creation: Job found that incredibly humbling.

God did not defend his actions.

There was no exit interview at the other end of the trial.

No debrief.

No justification offered.

God simply pulled back the curtain on who He is, and Job’s eyes were opened: he confessed his lack of understanding, his wonder. He retracted and repented.

Words failed him.

Dust and ashes were involved.

Finally, we will see that God is able to restore: that at His core He is a God of restoration! He makes things right, and new.

Where are you?

Jesus says we can be born again, be a new creation, the old can be gone.

Our sin separates us from God (Isaiah 59:2), but the penalty for that sin, the wage owed you, was paid for you by Christ on the cross.

Let God renew you.

Let God restore that relationship with Him.

Move from being dead in your trespasses and sins, to being alive for an eternity. God is calling us to faithfulness by confessing our sins, trusting in Christ’s complete work on the cross, and like Enoch, we start to walk with God. The blessing of being free from the burden of sin is incalculable. God may use suffering to bring you to that point. If that’s the case, it’ll all be worth it.

But even if he doesn’t put you through suffering to achieve that, you need to come to Him anyway. Your eternity depends on it.

Please come Sunday prepared to be changed and encouraged by His word! -- Quentin Smith