Grace For Your Day September 1

In John 5 Jesus meets an invalid in Jerusalem and heals the man and commands him to pick up his mat and walk.  The Jews heard about this and noticed that this happened on the Sabbath and they persecuted Jesus because of this.  And Jesus in response talks with them and tells them by what authority he healed the man and who he is in relation to His Father.  The question of the day was:  Who is Jesus?  Is he just a good teacher?   Is he a special prophet, yet still just human?  Or is he God in the flesh?  The  Son of God?  And if he is the Son of God, who is the Son of God? What is his relationship with His Father like?
Amidst their persecution against Him, Jesus powerfully, succinctly, and clearly states how he is equal to His Father in five ways!  That will be the focus of our study.   If ever it was made clear by Jesus who he is, it was in this discourse with the Jews. The deity of Christ is seen in so many ways his life, but here he plumbs the depths of his relationship with His Father and confronts the Jews about their sin.  I invite you to come and hear from John 5:16-24 what Jesus says about Himself and His relationship with His Father. In fact, I ask you to pre-read and meditate on this passage so that you can get the most out of it. And if you have questions afterward I’d love to talk to you!
In verse 24 Jesus calls the Jews to Himself as the one who has eternal life. Though his words in this passage may be difficult to fathom he tells us that his words are true and that all who believe Him and the Father who sent Him have eternal life.
I look forward to seeing you on Sunday as we study this amazing passage about the deity of Jesus.
May we honour the Son as we honour the Father!
-Kevin Laser