Grace For Your Day December 13

Approximately 700 years before John the Baptist was born, he was prophesied about in Isaiah 40:3-5, and he was commissioned to be the forerunner to Jesus, the Promised Messiah.  He was sent to testify to the Jews and all who would listen about who Jesus is. There are many things about Jesus that John testified about, and this Sunday in the sermon we are going to focus on these three things.
  1. John testified to the fact that Jesus is the one true Light and He enlightens everyone. 
  2. John testified to the fact that salvation comes simply through believing in Jesus and that faith produces fruit in keeping with repentance.
  3. John testified to the fact that believing in Jesus gives us the right to become children of God and that our salvation is not of us, but of God.

As we prepare to celebrate Christ’s birth this month, come join us and learn how John the Baptist prepared the way for the coming Messiah, the King of Israel.
I encourage you to read and meditate on John 1:6-13 in preparation for the sermon.
I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!
Kevin Laser